We've always been the red, white and grey.

 Hi dolls,
How was the past week? Good I hope because my vacations are going pretty damn awesome! I really didn't expect to do this post, but once this laid-back outfit was worn - I decided that it must be posted.
    There was this time where I never liked to experiment, with clothes or make-up or anything, for that matter. But the past few months since I've started blogging; the pretty posts, the unexpected combinations, the new trends (and a little push from my bestie), all kind of influenced me to think outside the box - to think beyond wearing a pair of jeans & a t-shirt to college. And I haven't lost my basic style but I've experimented and added more pizazz to it !
The old me was never too fond of grey as a colour. However, the new me has seen the beauty & versatility of the delicate and demure colour. Thats why I tried the shade in this post  and That is also why I've grown to love this t-shirt. And not to fear, you'll see a lot of more grey in my outfits from now on :)
It was my childhood friends birthday and since it was a casual affair, I made sure I dressed all easy-breezy. Take a look at what I wore :

British flag t-shirt - Zara, Denim shorts - Levis, Gladiators - Thrifted

Excuse the wide grins and about-to-laugh faces. For some weird reason, we were all very giggly. Well, thats what birthdays are about right? The people you are closest to, laughter and cake.
I've got outfits to come so dont worry, I'll be back sooner than soon.
Have a great Sunday dolls!



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