June 8, 2012


Hi dolls,
I hope everything has been going great with you. My holidays are coming to a close and honestly, my life has never been this hectic. And guess what, I'm savoring each moment of this.
So for today; lets keep aside the eyeliner and the pretty skirt and focus on a few other things I've loved & snapped in the recent past, a lot of that being some delicious food.

Ready to take a peek into my life ? Well then, let's go!

A basket of sunshine with these lovely yellow flowers at the market.

Mozzarella on Garlic Bread - One of my favorite snacks ! 

Make-up being done for an amazing upcoming project !

Hash-browns, Chicken sausages and scrambled eggs. 

The new mat in my house, won as a giveaway prize :)

Grains of wheat taken by my skilled brother !

Taking a tea-break at work with a cup of Cranberry and Orange Tea.

Tangerine nails with gold splashes !

My favorite picture is the basket of flowers - It is so vibrant and happy which sums up this summer perfectly. What about you?
We've arrived at the weekend guys - I'm planning on a late morning, meeting my bestie and catching up with some Sims 3.

So how did you like this new post - did you enjoy seeing something which wasn't fashion related on the blog ? I'd love to hear your feedback !

Happy Weekend lovelies !





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