Hi dolls,
I hope everything has been going great with you. My holidays are coming to a close and honestly, my life has never been this hectic. And guess what, I'm savoring each moment of this.
So for today; lets keep aside the eyeliner and the pretty skirt and focus on a few other things I've loved & snapped in the recent past, a lot of that being some delicious food.

Ready to take a peek into my life ? Well then, let's go!

A basket of sunshine with these lovely yellow flowers at the market.

Mozzarella on Garlic Bread - One of my favorite snacks ! 

Make-up being done for an amazing upcoming project !

Hash-browns, Chicken sausages and scrambled eggs. 

The new mat in my house, won as a giveaway prize :)

Grains of wheat taken by my skilled brother !

Taking a tea-break at work with a cup of Cranberry and Orange Tea.

Tangerine nails with gold splashes !

My favorite picture is the basket of flowers - It is so vibrant and happy which sums up this summer perfectly. What about you?
We've arrived at the weekend guys - I'm planning on a late morning, meeting my bestie and catching up with some Sims 3.

So how did you like this new post - did you enjoy seeing something which wasn't fashion related on the blog ? I'd love to hear your feedback !

Happy Weekend lovelies !



I'm always a fan of fashion blogs that aren't just about fashion because there's so much more fun and excitement in reading the posts! So I'm all for this, two thumbs up from me, darling <3

Love, Miffalicious. []
ohh you look so dolled up in the 3rd pic dayle!
Those hash browns looks scrumptious!!!!
Sonshu said…
Oohhh I liked the work pic :P Also the flowers one. Do this more often, lot of fun. Plus I liked the mat when I saw it on fb itself. <3

Chp_dzn said…
Nice to have a peek into you life, and it seems amazing considering the yummy fooood! *yum* And your brother is talented. That grain of wheat pic is brilliant!
And btw, we are big time Sims freaks too ;)
Georgie said…
The mozarella on garlic bread looks mouth watering, definitely going to try and make that sometime! Your nails look amazing, I love orange/coral colours at the moment. xx
SJ said…
its such a shame when the holiday ends, I was out for the weekend and now full Monday blues.

Wish it wud hve lasted longer.

Looks like u had a lovely time from ure pictures :)
Ayantika said…
I really loved all of bro is brilliant ! :-)
These are amazing pics. And the food ones made my mouth water. Garlic bread with Mozzarella is devine.
Happy Blogging,
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Dayle Pereira said…
*blush* Thank you Gargi :D
Dayle Pereira said…
Haha, thats great to hear - I'm about to play right now :D Thank you :)
Dayle Pereira said…
I know right, I couldn't agree more! Thank you :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you Ayantika, he'll be glad to hear that :)
Dayle Pereira said…
haha, Thank you Amena :D

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