June 19, 2012

How to: The Little White Dress

Now ladies, we all know how iconic the little black dress is but its time to tuck it at the back of your closet. Why, you ask? Well I've got a question for you first. What suits the hot summer and the humid monsoons, looks great at any time of the day and is a fresh new take on fashion ? It is the Little White Dress. That's why.
The spring of 2012 brought along with it the Little White Dress, a fresh new addition to the fashion scene. Swiftly enough, the humble white number gained popularity by celebrities and style bloggers alike; reason being, it was such a refreshing and versatile piece. And if you were of the opinion that the Little White Dress was drab and mundane, it's time to think again. 
I am a little late in posting this but nevertheless, I'm going to show you how to reinvent one dress in order to wear it in 4 different ways at 4 different times of the day.





I myself have never tried my hand at remixing a dress in so many different ways before. It just goes to show that you don't always need new clothes for every occasion. Remixing can be so stylish and affordable! My favorite look is the evening look - I have a fondness for fuschia lipstick and the way it looks on me. Plus, black and gold are always such a great combination.  Since it is the first time I have done a post like this, I do hope you liked it and if you want the outfit details for any of the above, feel free to ask me in the comments.

So what about you, what's your favorite ?

We're midway through the week - hope everything is going great with you dolls! I do hope the weekend gets here sooner than soon !





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