April 8, 2012

Fluffy bunnies & Easter eggs

So how have you spent this beautiful, festive Easter day, dolls ? I spent it with family, friends, my loved ones and a tonne of chocolate. And it could not get any better !
Beyond the image of vibrantly decorated Easter eggs & fluffy white bunnies bouncing around, Easter is much more than that. Along with the resurrection of Christ, Easter is like a fresh new start. Sort-of like New Years. A time for leaving the bad things behind and for starting life anew. So as an Easter resolution *it isn't a 'thing' but just go with me*, I intend on doing just that by loving my favorite people more than ever, by leaving the past in the past, by living in the moment, by being thankful for everything I'm blessed with.

Outfit: Sheer butterfly blouse with peter pan collar & Black stilettos - Zara
Black tank top & White skinny jeans - Topshop (London)
Make-up: Eyes - Maybelline gel liner, Lips- Avon 'true rose', Nails - OPI 'Ink'

I love that this outfit heralds summer so majorly! Sheer, a trend which has been in the limelight since fall, is perfect for the heat because it is so light. When white skinny jeans and black stilettos meet sheer in the prettiest print, you can be sure that an adorable outfit will be born.  I've always had a thing for fuchsia lips - I think it is a lovely shade for the Indian skin-tone. Hope you like the outfit and had a lovely day.

So a very happy and blessed Easter to each and every one of you and your families.





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