It might be white.

They say your basics are learned at home. Thats a truth. My mom was the first person who taught me about fashion. About vogue magazine. About electric blue 6 inch stilettos. About high waist red patent leather belts.
One basic lesson I learned - Wear Lights in summer.
And of course, the foundation itself of light coloured clothing is white. So this post pays tribute to the spotless, virginal colour that is white.White symbolised purity, beauty and freshness. Thats probably the reason its so big this summer.

The lovely thing is, it can be worn is so many different ways.

This is one of the simplest outfits I've seen but it still so well-coordinated. Everything is kept to the minimal, even the sandles.

The beauty of the colour is, it can be magically transformed into the formal clothing category with a crisp white shirt and formal shorts. Perfect for days on the job when you are required to wear formals AND you want to stay fresh, all whilst look professional.

And finally, how would life be complete without a glorious pair of shoes? When picking shoes, if you go for the white colour, stick to something strappy or else it will make you feet chunky.

Better still, opt for something in shades of silver and grey.
(Below: LAMB peep-toes)
So try it out for the week. I'm sure you'll stay fresh and stylish :)


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