Delicate Honeysuckle

You can guess by now that the colour pink is one of my favorites. I was just checking out a couple of style sites ( - I'm a huge fan!) and fashionista's have stated that honeysuckle is going to be quite the rage in 2011!
So I've done a little research of my own.
The amazing thing about this reddish-pink shade is, it will never over-power an outfit. It blends in with the other colours and adds to the charm. If you have your doubts about whether you can pull this one off, try doing this. Wear a monotone outfit, in shades of grey, black and white. Then add an item of honeysuckle - Maybe wedges or an Alice band or bag, like this adorable Chanel sling.

On the other hand, honeysuckle is quite a gentle colour. Pulling it out of the closet is not a big risk-taking decision. That is something that makes it easy to wear. So if you're up for it, why don't you try an dress of this sort!

And apart from the usual dresses, there are other items you can experiment with in this shade: Make-up, shoes and of course, lingerie :)

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Try out this beautiful colour this spring - Go for honeysuckle.


Thank you for your lovely comment! :) I read a few posts on the other blog,you write really well !! :D
Oh & the colour pink is my fav too! Keep blogging! :D


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