February 11, 2014

Personal Style | My Funny Valentine

I think the days when a lady described her ideal man as tall, dark and handsome are bygone. I don't believe that ideal is perfect, it's just what's ideally best for you. After all, who needs a shiny knight riding on a white stallion when you've got one that walks you home after your classes. Who needs the long conversations about politics when you've got someone that makes you laugh. And who needs the fancy dinner together with five star treatment when you can watch a chick-flick and split a pizza.
Love can be passionate, maddening, extravagant, simple or impulsive and anything but perfect - that is the way it should be.

Photography: Raynor Pereira for Style File

Forever 21 navy blue crop top | Promod heart print skirt [Previously seen here] | Max Fashion ballet flats [Previously seen here] | Ray Ban aviators via my brother | Rimmel 'Tantrum' on my lips 

Valentine's may be just another one of those days *with a little more red and pink than usual* but there's a certain sweetness in dressing up for it like including heart prints and red lips. So this Valentine's day, even if you haven't bagged the perfect man who oozes charm and sweeps you off your feet, make sure you're grateful for the one who catches once you've been swept off!

Title Credits: My Funny Valentine by Frank Sinatra 





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