DIY | Transparent Sling Bag

The Backstory:- I kid you not, I was stalking transparent bags since my vacations began in May and all I could do was sit and drool over them because no stores seemed to stock them and those that did have something like what I had in mind, were either too expensive or too tacky. Even the DIY tutorials that I was planning on attempting needed vague items which I couldn't find. Soon I quit the whole search and proceeded to convince myself that the whole transparent bag trend will blow over soon. That was the till I was at my favorite stationery store and I spotted a transparent pouch which looked completely ordinary, something you'd come across in just about any stationery store. But no, in my head, I stood in the aisle and stared at it convincing myself that 'This is it, Dayle! This is the bag'. Anyway, long story slightly shorter, I finally gathered all my items needed and got down to making it myself.
So below is the tutorial for the much-coveted transparent bag - Check it out!

Prep Time:-

Step 1 : Gather your tools

Step 2 : Stuff your pouch with crumpled newspaper for it to retain its shape throughout.

Step 3: If you've noticed, my pouch has a handle on its side which I felt made it look like a medicine pouch or a pencil box so I got down to removing it by snipping it off very close to the seam with a small sharp scissors. You could do that for any unwanted handles on your pouch.

Step 4: On either end of the pouch, decide where you want to fix your strap and make your marking on it. My circled area is my points to attach my chord.
PS: Do make sure your chord is of the right measurement according to whether you want to sling it over your shoulder or hold it in your hand.

Step 5: On the points decided, superglue the end of your chord to the bag and keep it pressed for about 5 minutes. This step is just to temporarily keep the ends in place.

Step 6: With a threaded needle, stitch the loops in the end of the chord to the felt and PVC fabric of the bag on both the right and left hand sides. Remember that the weight of your bag depends on this so the more stitches you take and thicker the thread you use will mean the more secure your bag strap will be.
I stitched both the small metal loop (just above the bow) and the larger one (above the small loop) to my bag to secure it properly. Do the same for the other side of the bag as well.

And voila! You have yourself a pretty, thrifty transparent bag which is so chic right now and perfect for the monsoons!

* Match your chord with the ends of your bag for a cleaner, minimalistic look.
* Use a chord with embellishment on the ends to cover any messiness during stitching/sticking.
* Avoid carry very heavy weights in the bag.

As you would believe, I've already started preening around with it! So what are you waiting for - make yourself a transparent bag too!

Queries, questions, feedback or just a 'hi' is always welcomed in the comments, dolls.


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