January 6, 2012

Little white dress.

Hey there guys !
How has the first week of 2012 treated you ? I've gotten back to the grind. Early morning lectures,  assignments, tests - the works. But a silver lining of sorts is that I'm finding myself more inspired after this break. With a college dress-code, it may not be possible to wear skirts and other pretty little things but, I will do the best I can with what I have in hand. Hey, that rhymed!
 Now this outfit has been pending since forever. With the month of festivities behind us, (and their respective outfits being posted) I can get back to the outfit picture piling up on my laptop.
After a string of college fests and the usual drama that college brings around, I celebrated my 19th only later in December with an amazing dinner with a couple of my favorite people.
These are a few of the pictures:

You've fallen in love, haven't you ?

(L-R) Ankita, Ruchita, Shraddha, Aditya, Mallika, me & Leo

By now, I'm pretty sure you've figured out that I'm tiny.

My outfit: White hakoba embroidered high-waist dress - Custom made, Red pumps - Zara.

I had an amazing night with these amazing people. The outfit is a simple mix of red and white. And since Christmas was on the way, it just seemed like the best combination. Also, did you notice my hair is in this curls-ringlets kinda style ? I did my hair in a hurry & the result turned out awesome! And because it ended up looking this pretty, I repeated it once again on another occasion. Fluke shots, I tell you.
So anyway, I hope you liked the post.
Have a lovely weekend guys!

See you next week dolls,




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