Little white dress.

Hey there guys !
How has the first week of 2012 treated you ? I've gotten back to the grind. Early morning lectures,  assignments, tests - the works. But a silver lining of sorts is that I'm finding myself more inspired after this break. With a college dress-code, it may not be possible to wear skirts and other pretty little things but, I will do the best I can with what I have in hand. Hey, that rhymed!
 Now this outfit has been pending since forever. With the month of festivities behind us, (and their respective outfits being posted) I can get back to the outfit picture piling up on my laptop.
After a string of college fests and the usual drama that college brings around, I celebrated my 19th only later in December with an amazing dinner with a couple of my favorite people.
These are a few of the pictures:

You've fallen in love, haven't you ?

(L-R) Ankita, Ruchita, Shraddha, Aditya, Mallika, me & Leo

By now, I'm pretty sure you've figured out that I'm tiny.

My outfit: White hakoba embroidered high-waist dress - Custom made, Red pumps - Zara.

I had an amazing night with these amazing people. The outfit is a simple mix of red and white. And since Christmas was on the way, it just seemed like the best combination. Also, did you notice my hair is in this curls-ringlets kinda style ? I did my hair in a hurry & the result turned out awesome! And because it ended up looking this pretty, I repeated it once again on another occasion. Fluke shots, I tell you.
So anyway, I hope you liked the post.
Have a lovely weekend guys!

See you next week dolls,


Mukta Jain said…
pretty gal !! and classic white lace dress <3
Unknown said…
I am truly in love with those shoes!! :)
Nikita said…
Woh, love the colour of the pumps!
Nitika Bhatia said…
Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. U look lovely iN the LWD and I loveeeeeeeeeeee ur shoes !! : )

Keep visiting..
the dress fits u perfectly!
and the heels are to die for!!!!
Gorgeous dress <3 I'm following you!!
Unknown said…
You look adorable !
Loved the red pumps.
Dayle Pereira said…
@Mukta - Thank you :)

@Neon Nights - You can't help but fall in love with those babies ;)

@Nikita - Thank you :)

@nitika - Thanks Nitika :) Thats really sweet of you! Hope to see you here more often!

@candyvioleta - *blush* Thank you doll !

@Rakhshanda - Thank you Rakhshanda :D

@Gia Kashyap - Aww :) Thank you Gia <3
skippysays said…
Aw, happy belated birthday! You look lovely in that dress!
Dayle Pereira said…
@skippysays - *blush* Thank you <3

@A Lot Like Fashion - Yay! *hi5's back*
Anna said…
Cool look! I love this dress! And the colour of the pumps is wonderful ;-)!

Please visit my blog and follow me if you like!

Tiffany said…
beautiful outfit! looks/sounds like you had a great holiday :)
Hey, those red pumps are amazing. I love the colour play of white and red. Great styling.
PS: Thanks for your lovely comments. <3
Dayle Pereira said…
Anna - thanks Anna :) I'm checking your blog out right away!

@Tiffany - Thank you :) It was really a great one!

@Amena - Thank you so much :)
Ayantika said…
hey...u r luking amazing in LWD and that red pump! ...<3
Dayle Pereira said…
@Ayantika - Thanks Ayantika, thats so sweet of you :)
Style-Delights said…
wow, such a pretty dress and you have styled it beautifully!! I can't wait for Spring to arrive in NY and wear my white dress!
Dayle Pereira said…
Awww, Thank you :) Can't wait to see your take on the LWD :D
Dayle Pereira said…
Hi Sara ! Welcome to my blog :)
Thank you so much for all the lovely thing you've said about me - I'm checking out your blog right away!
Fashion Daily said…
The white dress and red pumps are just very pretty!!!
Absolute love!!
Unknown said…
nice white color dresses with pink heels.. nice and great combination of both..

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