Surviving the winter: Clothing essentials

Winter is a beautiful season full of cosy evenings and warm beverages. And along with just a drop in the temperature, there are the winter trends and clothing which we can make note off in order to not just survive the winter; but to stay as stylish as possible while surviving. This year around with dominant trends of burgundy, the military look and so much more *check out my entire winter trend report here* making a mark, I've started organizing my closet for winter to start out my favorite season as soon as I can.

Here are the few highlights from my closet which are definitely going to be my essentials this season:
Cardigans in a few basic solid shades.

A deep burgundy shade and a sparkly festive shade.

Pants in winter hues of Burgundy, Cobalt and Olive. 

Sparkly everything! Stone encrusted sandals, A glitter purse, jeweled bracelets and loose jewels. 

Chunky knits in tan and white 

Finally, the nights are getting colder and I cannot wait for the day to follow to start layering up for daily wear and for the blog too!
PS: If you would like to know any of the above clothing details, do mention it in the comments.
So what special clothing trends have you stocked up on for this winter?



Nirukti said…
I have been looking for decent knit sweaters for the longest time. Any Idea where I can find them? :)
Kohl_lined said…
pretty colors. i love d way u have highlighted the colors and the picture angle. wow!
Dayle said…
I've spotted some cosy looking one in the emns section at Zara. Planning to snag a few from there myself - Hope it helps :)
Dayle said…
Thank you Kunj :)
Pria said…
Anything in burgundy is a worth in winter.
Dayle said…
Definitely Pria :)
Jassica Harik said…
Hey Dayle! Wonderful winter stuff and colors. Like your Chunky knits in tan and white. Thanks for sharing.

Jassica Harrik
Dayle said…
Thanks Jassica :)

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