November 22, 2012


We all know the Tomboy. She was the same girl that constantly wore baggy tees while the other little girls were wearing pretty dresses. She was the same one who was a late bloomer when it came to mascara and leopard print heels. The same one who would join the boy's game of throw ball while the girls played badminton.
There are certain aspects of the Tomboy that I identify with. Maybe it is the eternal love for t-shirts or the enticement that certain video games have on me; whatever the case, some of those aspects spilled into my teen years. So this year as the sporty-chic trend became a rage over the world, let's celebrate the tomboy and her sporty, bubbly appeal.

Blue t-shirt - UCLA clothing, Denim shirts - GAP via thrift, Colour-block tote and blue sneakers - Nike,
On my eyes - ColorBar liquid eyeliner, On my lips, Nivea lip balm in 'Dragonfruit'

Casual, athletic or easy; whatever it can be termed as, I'm unapologetic about the absolute love I have for the burst of vibrancy and the sporty, casual appeal that this outfit exudes. 

Agree or not? 





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