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The Easter weekend just flew by like every holiday and like I've mentioned before, I feel like Easter is a whole new lease on life. It is like erasing all the strife, grouses, insecurities and negativity from a blackboard.
And while we're all starting anew, let's get some fresh perspective as well. Perspective to see things in a different light. The curvy girls who are afraid of the crop tops, the blemished girls who hide behind makeup or the tall girls too afraid to try those 5 inchers; all of us are part of a system that is afraid to embrace what we really are. Let's ditch all that old perspective we have about who needs to wear what and following what society thinks we look good in. We've all got our own share of imperfections and that's what really makes you what you are. With all the bulges and blemishes, each and every one of you is beautiful and you can wear whatever you please and look fantastic in it.

Forever 21 Aztec crop top [Previously seen here] | ONLY high waist burgundy jeans | 
Ginger black wedges | Michael Kors monogram hardware tote [Previously seen here] | 
Rimmel 'Cutting Edge' on my lips [Previously seen here]

Photography | Leo Alemao / Style File

As summer approaches, the size of the garments get smaller. So it needs no explanation why crop tops are already a phenomenal trend this year and one which I embrace wholeheartedly, curves and all. Pairing it with a contrasting pair of high waist trousers and going minimal on the accessories makes it quite effortless. And don't forget that deep lip to bring it all together!



Unknown said…
I do love THAT crop top! :-) :-D
- FUF said…
i love crop tops Dayle and u r wearing it well :-)
Style Spectrum said…
#Girlcrush *_* you should do more crop tops, you look lovely in them :)

4 Leaved Clover said…
Your lip colour and your trousers...perfect match.<3
Mukta Jain said…
you rocked it !! Absolutely stunning :D
Gita said…
Super cute top! I love the patterns.

❤ Gita @
Unknown said…
This is so hot Dayle! Love it!
lipsy said…
You look Stunning Dayle ...your pictures oozes confidence and m definitely inspired !
Fashion Quotient| Indian Fashion & style Blog!!
Unknown said…
You look amazing ! Rich burgundy is your color.

How come I never find nice crop tops(like you are wearing) in forever21?!

Take care,
Cactus and Cucumber
Unknown said…
I did a crop top too just today..leopard print..loved ur look :)
HuesofMe said…
Lovely outfit and blog!! :)
Dayle Pereira said…
It's my favorite one as well :D
Dayle Pereira said…
*blush* coming right up!
Dayle Pereira said…
I'm flattered - thank you Lipsy!
Dayle Pereira said…
Thanks hun, haha - I got lucky, I think!

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