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I've been fine-tuning my creative skills all summer and I'm so very excited to finally post this :)

It all started when I wanted a plain simple cotton jhola-bag and all I could find were garish pinks and purples which were carried around by practically everyone in college. That is when I decided that I needed a plan. If I couldn't get what I wanted, I would have to make what I wanted. And that is exactly what I did.
Till date, I made 3 different sizes of bags with varied paintings on the front just suited to what I want. It came out as a success so I was pretty pleased. So I've decided to take orders for selling my custom-made bags.

Size # 1 - Purse sized.

     *Cream canvas purse with animal zoo print
     *Hand painted and stitched.
            *Made with the highest quality fabric and paint.

I gifted this purse to my grandmom on her birthday and she was elated.
If you wish to purchase a purse of this size, this fabric and with any specific design you may have; I would be delighted to do it for you!
Price: Rs. 400/-

Size # 2 - Jhola sized.

*White cotton jhola with Indian print.
*Hand painted and stitched
*Made with the highest quality of fabric and paint.

This was the jhola I made for myself.
If you want to purchase a jhola of this size, with this fabric and of a specific print you like, I'm here for you!
Price: Rs. 550/-

Size # 3 - Tote size
*Cream canvas tote with lady justice print.
* Hand stitched and painted
*Made with the highest quality fabric and paint.

I made this one to lug around bigger goods. It's extremely strong.
If you wish to purchase a tote of this fabric, of this size and with a specific desgn you like, I'd be delighted to hand make it for you!
Price: Rs. 600/-

So that was the huge project i was working on all summer - I hope you liked my designs!
If you wish to make a purchase of a bag of any of the 3 sizes with any of these designs shown or any specific design of your own, mail me at or get in touch with me through my Facebook page (shown at the top left of this page)
If there are any problems regarding your order, I will get back to you!
Thank you so much for visiting! Spread the word!



4 Leaved Clover said…
Hi Girl, the bag/jhola/purse look stunning ... Had a lot of envious glances when the Lady justice bag was carried...Wish you luck and keep it up ...Absolutely beautiful
FashionPhD said…
wow ur so good at this!
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you so much :)

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