We are girls. There are clothes and shoes and foods and books and bags that we want. We may not need them, we may not have any more waderobe space left, we may not wear them after we buy them but, we want them. After all, we are girls :)

My lust list for this season:

Lauren by Ralph Lauren cross body bag.

Louboutin love <3


The shoe craze continues. Miu Miu patent leather ankle boots.

Polka dots never go out of style. You can't compete with the girly feminine vibe it gives :)

It's not your usual shade of green. Something more military shaded with a touch of shimmer.

Well, blue is my favorite colour  !

I've never been big on accessories but this necklace is way too cute!

Hot pink lipstick. I love wearing it and I plan to continue this trend!

Tomorrow I should be wearing the Old Navy tan shorts I spoke about in my previous post. I planned an entire outfit around it just for a reason to wear them :)
It's a lovely cool night, not too and not too cool. This is one reason I'm thankful the summer has gone!
So do you like my picks this season?
What are you lusting after?

Take care and play safe in the rains!


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