My thoughts, doubts and apprehensions about To All The Boys I've Loved Before 2

Although the first month of 2020 felt like it was 12 weeks long, February has finally made its way to us. For the mushballs out there, it signifies the month of love. For the pessimists, it's time to declare how much they value their independence and single status. For me? Well, it's the month when To All The Boys I've Loved Before 2 releases. Let me take you back a bit. It was the summer of 2018 and I decided to see what the fuss was about the very popular movie. Hours later, I was smitten. Sure Noah Centineo and his surfer boy charm had a huge part to play in that but it was also because I cannot resist a syrupy youthful rom-com.

Last Christmas, it dawned on me that TATBILB 2 was finally releasing in only a couple of months. Two trailers later, here we are. Along with my excitement however, I've got questions. Post the first part, I chose not to read the books so as to truly soak in the experience of the movie without spoilers. As a result, my mind is inundated with questions and thoughts that are floating around me like I'm some sort of cartoon character. If you're a fan of the movies, the books or Noah Centineo, you're one after my own heart. Since you have some interest in the subject, here are my thoughts about it.


1. Continuity

We caught a glimpse of John Ambrose McClaren with his neatly combed hair in the first part. However, as the character was recast and Jordan Fisher is now playing the role, I'm wondering how the movie will account for continuity with the obvious change or if they will bring it up at all. If I had to take a wild poke at screen writing, I'd say it ended up in the hands of a completely different guy.

2. The Love Triangle

Now I know the concept of a love triangle spices things up significantly but this is the part I'm least excited about. Even in part 1, I hated when Peter's ex Gen (Genevieve? Jennifer?) was part of the equation, even though I understand the unpredictability of who he'd end up with was part of the charm. This time around, Laura Jean and Peter's roles are reversed but in the spirit of things, I'm going to cast my doubts aside and watch how it plays out.

3. More Of The Gang

At it's core, I know that this is a love story between two (and sometimes, three) people but it's not in isolation. The occasional features and scenes with Kitty, Chris and Doctor C were a delight in part 1 so I'm definitely in favour if secondary characters like them get more screen time without completely taking away from the main plot.

4. The One Other Letter

We know about the letters to Peter, Josh, Lucas and now John. What ever happened to Kenny from camp? The movie mentions that his letter ended up getting returned but wouldn't it be the ultimate surprise with the letter (that somehow got the address correctly changed and posted) in his hand like the second coming of John?

5. One True Love

This is probably what I'm most jittery about. Who does Laura Jean end up with? Will she continue to be head-over-heels in love with Peter in a magical relationship where the shine doesn't fade or will she give into the butterflies that appear when she's literally knocked off her feet by John? If I had to choose it would be with Peter, whole and sole. I'm not a Centineo fan for nothing, you know?


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