12 years of Gossip Girl: The original fashion influencer

My tastes in television are a mixed bag. Some days, I live for a riveting plot that moves stealthily with stellar acting. On others, I'm going to (kind of embarrassingly) admit that my tastes aren't all that refined and I enjoy those that serve to entertain. I'm talking flash and drama so make that a double helping please. The summer of 2007 was when Gossip Girl first premiered, which coincided with a phase when I particularly enjoyed a lot of this kind of TV. A true GG lover will pinpoint that as the one where Serena van der Woodsen was famously spotted in Grand Central. And that is where it all began.


It wasn't just the glitzy parties and weekly betrayals that I couldn't get enough of; their style was a large part of it. From Blair's preppy dresses to Chuck's suave suits, I was sold in a heart beat. To no one's surprise, this isn't even the first time I'm talking about Gossip Girl on Style File. During its run, I excitably wrote about the awesome twosome, Serena and Blair and their incredible personal style; which ended up being among the most popular posts on the blog. And believe you me, it wasn't left at words on paper. I was experimenting with my own tastes, which meant I was open to almost anything. Cue the sequinned shorts, wispy floral dresses and blazers in sweltering heat. Don't even get me started on the bow trimmed hairbands. So. Many. Hairbands. With satin bows and pastel tones, I drowned in hairbands (evidenced here), some of which I'm still in possession of. It goes without saying that GG influenced my style great deal. But it wasn't all bad. I learned to love bows, designer handbags and sheer layered tight looks a little too much. The power of accessorising was never lost on me. And neither was a statement-making blingy dress to win back a boyfriend at a soiree.

And that's only to do with my fashion sense. In fact, even my growth path and Gossip Girl's run intertwined and made for memorable times to look back on. I did go on to work in a few magazines and even dabble in fashion, even though none of them were The Spectator. I learned how to walk fairly well in heels. I witnessed the value of digital publishing and ended up in the same world and it's a lot less snarky than you'd think.

2019 marks the 12th year since the beloved TV show premiered. A true fan (like moi) will admit to it being a bit ridiculous, impractical and excessive, especially for a bunch of high-schoolers. But maybe me and a million others loved it exactly for that.

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