Inspiration: Decoding Blair Waldorf of 'Gossip Girl'

Blair Waldorf. Trend-setter, Queen B and now Princess. Apart from the fact that I'm overjoyed she is now with Louie, I love the elegance that she carries off so effortlessly.. When it comes to style, Blair is a stark contrast to Serena. She's sophisticated, confidant and every hair of hers is in place.
Blair Waldorf essentials:
Dresses: Watch Gossip Girl and you will spot that whether it is for some sly scheme or morning macaroons, Blair sticks to a staple - the one piece. The formal dresses are well tailored and fitted to perfection while the casual ones are more easy - breezy.
               Both the formal and the casual looks are well-fitted and well-accessorized, making her look both, elegant and pretty.

Skirts: From a-lines to ruffles to pleats, Ms. Waldorf  loves her skirts. And even though its a closet essential, her skirts never seem to get monotonous. Every look is different.

                                                     Many skirts, many looks

Bright pops: Every once in a while you will find a pop of colour in blairs outfits - Pink shoes or a yellow satchel. Tiny accents like that give the entire outfit a whole new look.

Accessories: These are the finer things that add a touch of class to an outfit.
                    #1 - The Alice band that Blair sports ever so often is girly and elegant. Embellished with bling and bows, it makes it all the more pretty.

    #2: Scarves: The scarves she wears (are sometimes worn as a hair band too!) are in pastels and muted colours so that it doesn't overpower the outfit. The one below is an exception though.

                                              Winter on the Upper East Side

   #3: Girly things: And finally, Blair is a stunning yet powerful girl. Bring out the girly tones with tights, stockings, pearls, baubles, pretty shoes and lace.

      Hope you liked the post as much as I did! Here's a little something for you, a music video by (of course!) Leighton Meester :



Love the post ! So much fun,i love her! :D
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, her style is so inspiring, she is the reason I watch GG! Eric Daman is a genious!!!!!

Dayle Pereira said…
Shes amazing ! And she gets better every season :D

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