What Not To Do During Sale Season

Does a season where there isn't some kind of sale exist any more? Because it really feels like it doesn't. I always knew of bi-annual sales and the occasional mid-season one too but these days it feels like the discounts come as often as Mumbai's humid days i.e. far too often. There's no denying it has its positives but it also means exposure to a slew of steal deals almost every day of the year. As a shopping enthusiast (FYI it isn't the same as shopaholic), it can feel enlivening at first but that's temporary. After the red banners and increasing percentages give way to arms full of shopping bags is when you feel the shine wearing off, excuses adding up and wallet considerably lighter. Trust me, I know. Which I why I thought I'd share what I've learned through the years. While most write about what you should do during the sale season, here's what you shouldn't. Keep it handy through the year because well, almost every day is sale season.


1. Shopping at the get-go

Though you may be eager to start shopping the moment you see an ad in the newspaper or the four-letter word splashed over billboards, restraint is a good idea. The beginning of the season is its busiest so expect endless queues to the changing room, crowded stores and payment lines that can take hours to clear up. If you wait it out for a few days or even better, weeks, not only will the crowd have simmered down, the discounts often do drop too.

2. Clueless about sizing

Stepping into a clothing or footwear store without knowing your exact size and simultaneously expecting to snag a sale item is as close to a crime it gets. Not only can it create tremendous confusion in the store, the lines to try on clothes are enough to throw you off shopping for a long, long time. While knowing your exact size in particular brands is ideal, if not then keep your measurements and a measure tape handy so that you can compare it with the garment in question and hopefully, skip the line.

3. Dress for it

Shopping may not seem like a large scale activity that needs its own set of clothing like exercising does but trust me when I say it does. Outfits that are roomy and airy without laces, ties or buttons make changing in and out easy. Avoid single pieces like dresses and jumpsuits since you'll have to remove them entirely even if you want to try a pair of jeans. In the footwear department, sandals are a great choice as sneakers have too many laces and let's not even talk about heels.

4. Don't stop at one

So you've found the handbag/blouse/sports bra of your dreams and want to snag it before anyone else can, even though the discount on it isn't as deep as you'd like. Here's where your willpower comes in. More often than not, you will find the same garment or a similar one at another store with a better or similar priced offer if you just look. If not in physical stores, take a good look at online websites and you'll be happy you did. 

5.  Do it yourself

The thought of spending the afternoon shopping with your girlfriends, hanging in the mall and grabbing a bite is the stuff of chick flicks. When it comes to real world shopping that has razor sharp focus on the best deals, you need none of that distraction which is why you should shop alone. As long as you trust your choices, you'll be less prone to burn money because your buddies are buying something. If you aren't up for the challenge, then bring along a plus one who has the same thought process as you and won't encourage you to splurge without good reason.

6. Take a step back 

Yes, you are excited to get your hands on the last jacket in your size at what you believe is an unbelievable price. Spoiler alert: It's not. In fact, you might even have something similar at home but you're momentarily swept up in the red tags and banners and bustle. Don't be. It's one thing to enjoy shopping the sales but it's quite another to unnecessarily make purchases you do not need and will definitely regret later.


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