August 22, 2012

Seeing spots.

The past week has been a busy one. Busy would be an understatement actually, frantic is a better describer. In a period of just two weeks, the amount of projects that are due for submission are crazy. Again, crazy is an understatement. Apart from that keeping me on my toes; the weather is being moody. The sun is shining and in the next moment, I'm drenched with rain. From a style blogging perspective; yes, it makes things a little more difficult. And to top up the sundae, is the drama of working together for projects and habituating oneself with people you aren't really acquainted with. When someone said the final year of college was going to be tough stuff, I didn't think even this much of tough stuff was possible!
But you know what's the beauty of tough times? It's the tough stuff that shapes you, moulds you and makes you what you are. It toughens you up and makes you stronger. And if it wasn't for the tough stuff, I don't know what I would have ended up as.

Navy and white polka dot romper (originally 'Mela Loves London')  - Local boutique (Bandra), Tan Sandals - Catwalk, Bangles - Thrift (Colaba), On my eyes - Maybelline Eye Studio Allure eyeliner, On my lips - DIY

I've been obsessed the navy and white combination since ever and when polka dots were becoming big, I desperately wanted an item of clothing with polka dots of that combination. So when this baby stole my at attention, I knew it belonged in my closet. It was a casual day out with no concrete plans so the tan sandals and hand of pretty bangles accompanied. And for the monsoons, what better than a tiny and pretty romper to try out? Next on the cards for this romper: Styling it with a formal flair !

So I hope this week has treated you well & here's to the rest of it going smoothly!

Lets talk soon dolls,




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