Style diaries: The MTV movie awards

Hi lovelies,
The weekend has gone by in a flash! I've been so crazy busy at a college festival that when finally, a new week is here, I plan on spending this Sunday night with a slice of quiche and TV and welcoming Monday by sleeping in late.
This year, the MTV movie awards took place on the 3rd on June, 2012. We all know what the word 'MTV' resonates - Brash, bold, young, vibrant and something we've grown up on. So when an entire awards show takes place with MTV in the name of the function, you know the fashion is going to be outrageous.
Look ahead:

That's why tangerine is the colour of 2012!

Orange lips on Leighton !

Love the brightness and those delicious shoes !

Jen in an edgy leather dress.

love the shimmer but wish it was more fitted and short.

Lover her hair!

Yay for the pleated skirt & bright colours!

Wish her hair was different though.

Can't stand her as a person or actor but love the smokey eyes.

Emma doesn't go wrong. Ever.

So here's to a great week ahead guys !
Talk soon!



Shubhi said…
Your'e right about Kirsten. Cant stand her either but she looks kinda pretty with those smokey eyes and flyaway hair!
Great post:)

Shubhi's Revels!
Pajama Diaries said…

God Kristen! she is a beauty otherwise! hate her though :P Ciara! man!
Chp_dzn said…
Nice post Dayle! The pictures 3, 6 and 8
were a personal favorite! But Emma all the way
stole the show! :)
Glad to see you blogging, love. Looking forward to more posts. Agree with you about Emma Stone. She hardly goes wrong, hey?

Love, Miffalicious. []
Count To Four said…
true, emma stone always gets it right on!
Style-Delights said…
Jennifer Aniston has such hot bod!!

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