August 25, 2012


Hi dolls,
What a crazy month it has been! Even as the month comes to a close there seems to be no slowing down. From assignments to college festivals to work to balancing all of it together; it has been one helluva busy time. With a busy schedule and moody weather, photography for outfit posts are becoming tougher and tougher but I'm managing to pull it together *Ahh, the things I do for the love of blogging!*
So without further chatter from me about random things, it's time for you to take a look at what's been up with me this month.

I painted so much for my design assignments this month, my table was a mess by the end of it!

With Elle for Malhar and an extraordinarily large bow!

Saturday night fries !

The flowers after a good monsoon shower.

Fruit Punch with my favorite !

Overdosed on Betty and Veronica this month -  This was when I settled in with an old comic and soup on a rainy evening.

I've realised the bliss of make-up-less-ness *phew! thats a mouthful1* and so very often, I can rub my eyes in peace :D

The Z Cafe standee at Malhar - Sheldon's looking suave! 

Yours truly at Malhar channeling her inner drama queen !

So how did you like the photo slide this month? My favorite is, of course, the last one. I don't really need to channel my 'inner' drama queen specially since that side of me is always the outer one!

Have a great weekend loves - See you soon.





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