August 17, 2013

Snapshots :: Monsoon edition

I strongly believe that the monsoons are either enjoyed getting wet to the core or being snuggled up in a warm blanket. So far into the season, I've encountered a few surprise showers, outfit post shoots are tougher to work around with and plans are cancelled on account of the stormy skies but hey, it's not all that bad.
Long drives, dancing in the rain, breakfast dates, monsoon fashion and late night coffees make up for it.

Pink monsoon flowers in bloom
Flowers in the garden

Mcdonalds coffee and a late night drive
Staying cosy while its raining outside

Selfie with a hat for a drive
Monsoon sundays

Snails on the leaves in the garden
Monsoon friends

Shrewsbury biscuits and black tea
Quiet evenings at home

The first rains of the season at Marine Drive
The beautiful marine drive during the first rains of the seasons

Theobroma millionaire brownies and bates motel
Watching Bates Motel and eating Millionaire Brownies on a rainy afternoon

Drive through a green leafy avenue with the rains
Morning drives

hot chocolate croissants at starbucks for a cosy breakfast
Hot chocolate, the perfect companion

starbucks flask with tea drive through the rains
Hot tea as we drive through the rains

parisian theme umbrella from jean claude biguine
My pretty new monsoon companion c/o Jean Claude Biguine
All images are taken via my instagram profile

Hope the monsoons have been treating you well to, my dolls. Have a happy weekend!





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