In the times of Ivory

Its been a good week.
I've actually been very, very buried in a computer assignment involving a website and *pause for effect* Shoes! Yes, my first love *shoes* have a place in a college project. And yes, I'm excited. Wayyy excited.
Another unnecessary  reason for me to be excited: Its time bid adieu to the monsoons and say hello to autumn (read: sweaters, booties, layers which basically more unnecessary shopping)
Its a beautiful, quick season of transition between the gloomy monsoons and chilly winter (Being in bombay = not really chilly though) and honestly, I can't wait :)
So on saturday, I decided to shun the bright colours I usually go for and pick something a little more demure. I'm so sorry in advance for the badly lit pictures, I didn't have anyone to click my pics so I relied on auto-timer. *Big mistake* Apart from all that - I think the outfit worked well !

Ivory raw silk kurta - Gifted
Cream skinnies - Globus

So my schedule for the following week is something like - Presentation, viva, presentation, lecture, 5 minutes to breathe, assignment and maybe another presentation.
but whatever the case is, I shall post soon. Why? Because, you guys, I love you'll, thats why.
Bye now - Nighty night!


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