Shes a brick..hoouuseee!

Hey heyyy :)
How have you guys been? I've been great, thanks for asking! As I mentioned earlier, the past week was so full of project submissions that I didn't even have time to breathe. But I'm done now, so its ok, you guys can calm down and get back to reading my posts again. Haha.
Well, great news - I think the rainy seasons are on their last leg. Sunny skies have been more frequent now and it just makes me so happy. The thought of autumn *and new autumn collections* are also on my mind, but I'm going to save that for another time.
As a project, I had to make a website and of course, I did it on shoes. Christian Louboutin shoes to be precise. They're a dream of mine. One day, girlies, one day. Well, it was liked by the teacher and I'm so happy that the tonnes of work I put into in was appreciated.
I haven't really gotten time in the past few weeks to get outside and shoot. So Saturday evening is become picture time. For now at least. And even though I didn't go outside I managed to put together an pretty outfit :) I hope you likey.

Red puffed sleeved blouse - London, Skirt - My grandmom :), Belt and Hairband- Thrift, Ballet flats - local boutique
Also there is also something I need to tell you guys - The next few weeks I go into study break and consequently, my exams till mid October. So I will not be doing my regular weekly posts - I will post but just when I can manage.
I'll miss you guys but I still love you'll.


Sovina said…
I like the flare of the skirt...very neat :)

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