In the Navy.

Sunday was beautiful. The sun was shining, birds were chirping - The works.
I had a couple of interviews to attend to that evening, so apart from being psyched about that, the pleasant weather made me happy.
I decided to go simple chic. Because that's right for absolutely any occasion.

Navy tunic (tucked inside) - Tommy Hilfiger
Tan belt & Khaki shorts - Thrift
Tan peeptoes - Local boutique + DIY

The outfit is like a mix of formal and casual. Cas-mal? Fa-sual? Whatever the case, its not overdressed but not too under dressed also!
Midway the evening, rain starting pouring down but by that time I was oblivious. It was such a great evening, entertaining to say the least, with a find of someone who was so like me :)
Ganesha immersions have been on this week and the mood is so festive - music, colours and dancing all week..And because of that, the holidays have been pouring in. Now I'm always welcome to that!
The week ahead is where I'm reaching the finish line, in terms of projects. Finally, I'm getting done :D
So here's to a week of remaining projects, not-to-much stress and effortless style,
Cheers you guys,
I'll see you soon
xo - Dayle


Sovina said…
you can hardly ever go wrong with khaki and navy...nice outfit :)
Mr.Jovita said…

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