Of Thrifts & Hand-me-downs # 2: Woolen love

Hand-me-downs (when in good condition) are God sent. Growing up with an older brother and all, I haven't got too many of them,  but the ones I do possess are absolutely lovely.
One of the special few includes this rich, wollen tan sweater. It all started when my mum was cleaning her closet and found the plush tan beauty at the back. It belonged to my grandmother (whose taste seemed very stylish)  so I carefully wrapped it up and kept it away for a colder day.
Today was not cold but I couldn't say no to posing for a camera on a Sunday evening.

Sweater - Hand-me-down from my Grandmother, Ganji & Belt- Thrift, Shorts - Esprit

On those winter mornings, I remember bundling myself to school in a bright red woolen cardigan. And even though the Bombay winters have never really allowed me to layer too much, I've always been fond of wool  with its cushy feel and rich look. Naturally when I came to know about the Fashion By Feelings contest, I was ecstatic! All you have to do is post your woolen outfit & you could win a trip to Australia!

So come on guys, give it a shot - I've already posted! Hope to see your outfits there!

Woolen hand-me-downs are, by far, some of the most treasured items in this girls closet.

Hope you liked it guys :)



You're a doll ! I love the sweater so much! <3

Tanya said…
WOOOW!!! gorgeous
Love the whole brown n white combo ...
n ur hairstyle is really cute

Tanya /dazzleandsizzle
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you sooo much Tanya :*

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