Of Thrifts and Hand-me-downs # 1: Good ol' denim.

I'm not a label girl.
I do enjoy playing dress-up every morning, I do have my favorite brands and I do keep track of the new collections that come out seasonally, but I am not a label girl.
I love the pretty stuff in clothing stores and do end up coming home with a handful of bags but I don't accept that style is just putting together branded items you find in stores. That's way too easy.
I believe that style is, creating a stunning look with everything, whether they are brands, thrift-ed items and hand-me-downs. Some of the best items I have are thrift-ed and inexpensive : a pair of black shorts, a checkered tunic and a classic white shirt. All of them are of such great quality and design that it convinced me, you don't always need to go to a store to get great stuff.
One of the items I'm also referring to is this cotton blend denim shirt. I saw it at causeway and bought it without it without a second thought.
Best. Decision. Ever.

 With my hair up.

With my hair down.

Shirt - Thrift, Leggings - M&S, Ballet flats - Boutique

There is that joy you get when you buy a t-shirt from a thrift shop after hours of searching - Its like finding a grain of gold after sieving through the river mud. Honestly, it is this unmatched joy you don't find elsewhere.
And that, my darlings, is the beauty of a thrift store.
I'll always be the girl who loves her Topshop and River Island, but thrift stores will be always be one of my firsts choices.

Awkward Girls


FashionPhD said…
You look so cute in the first picture! btw, loving ur header!
Dayle Pereira said…
Aww :) Thanks so much!
Anonymous said…
nice combo.i used whr this kinda outfit when i was in school but my tights had printed flowers on it :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you :) The nostalgia is setting in I see ;)
Lauren Nielsen said…
Thanks so much for joining the jean shirt challenge! We love your look! Skinnies and flats are always a go-to-look for us! Stay tuned for the post tomorrow!


Dayle Pereira said…
Thanks Lauren - I'm all eyes for tomorrows post :D
Unknown said…
you look amazing in anything! If I wear a shirt like that thn it would make me look pregnant lol. Not a skinny girl u see haha.

♥Crazy Pop Lock♥
Dayle Pereira said…
Aw, you're too sweet Bharti !
such a cool outfit! :)

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