March 21, 2012

Never know.

Summer is here dolls.
No more cardigans, no more cold mornings *longing to get back under the blanket* and no more hot chocolate. Bring on the tiny skirts, the lazy afternoons and the ice tea.
With the college year coming to a close; what I wanted was that there would be no regrets, whether about my exams, my performance or a couple of decisions made, which would come back and perturb me later on. And thankfully, the year ended up well - all sealed and wrapped in a nice little package.
I don't believe in having regrets. I believe in putting in your all, working till it hurts and giving it your best. And then it is out of your hands. Because whining and complaining will get you nowhere once the deed is done. So every once in a way; make sure you take a risk, do something stupid and end up with a great memory.

Outfit: Burgundy raw silk shirt - Hand-me-down, Black leggings - Marks & Spencer, Sequinned mojri shoes - Thrifted (Jaipur), Black patent leather tote - Mom's
Make-up: Kohl - Rimmel (London), Nail varnish - OPI 'Ink'

The fish-tail braid is so awesome. Specially on a hot day like this which required a lot of running around, it looks so chic even when it is messy. The shirt, which was passed down to me, is of such a rich, deep colour. The entire outfit is one of my comfortable attires that I look for on a day where I need to look and feel great.
Do you have an outfit that is comfy and chic ?

Time to start cutting down the clothes and sipping on something cool.
Hello Summer.





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