Birthday love.

The 1st of December has finally arrived and I can barely believe it - I turn 19 today! The entire year passed by so quick it seems like a blur to me! I still remember my last birthday - cutting the chocolate cake, trying on a new pair of stiletto's (Lee, they will always be my dream shoes - love you tonnes :* ), having fries with steak and posing for a gazillion pictures.
       Because that to me, is what birthdays are about. Spending it with the people you love. Eating good food. Tearing open the gift wrapping paper and squealing the loudest when you open the box. Dancing merrily around the house with your precious gifts in hand *or am I the only one who does that?* Kisses and Bear Hugs. And yes, Cake for breakfast.

Recently I went for a friends sangeet wearing this outfit. Take a look:

Check this awesome mehndi I got done (on one hand only cause I needed to eat with the other :P ).

 Silk patterned dress - Zara London, Stiletto's - Zara

I pre-decided that I would post this outfit today because for one, this is the most beautiful dress that I own. And two, it just feels right to post about a pretty dress and high-heels on a day like this :) The shoes, which you've seen before, are my go-to shoes which are ever-so-comfy which always make me feel sexy ;)
PS: On my page, I mentioned that I had some great news! As a birthday gift from my awesome family, I got a new camera! (Mom,Dad & Ray - I Love You, Thank you so much!) And it is not only adorable but the pictures it takes have beautiful clarity and precision. Since this is the last post using the old cam, This is an adieu to pictures with noise and low-light :D Welcome to the world, my new baby :)

           This being my first birthday that I celebrate on my blog and along with all the birthday love, I want to thank each and every one of you dolls who follow me here and on Facebook and those who are reading this post right now because I would not have made it this far without you.
Thank you so much, I love you guys.


Rashmi Bhosale said…
Happy Birthday dear!! loved your outfit!! :)
4 Leaved Clover said…
Wish you a world of whatever your heart desires, a girl as sweet as you only deserves the best, the very best...keep it up...
Dayle Pereira said…
@lazygulrox - Thank you so much dear :)

@Mom - Thank you darling, the cake was fabulous :D
Neyha said…
Following you back :)
FashionPhD said…
such a cute dress :)

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