Stuff I obsessed over in 2011.

Now I know that's not a very innovative post title but I'm going through some post-Xmas laziness (what! I'm the only one?) After Christmas disappears around the corner, everything seems so empty. Thank God that there is New Years to look forward to for now at least.
Everywhere I look, bloggers seem to be doing round-up posts of their blogs during 2011. This was year I started this style blog  and I can barely believe it has reached this far. If you read my posts on Chic Factor, you would know that I have a penchant for making lists. So as a little tribute to my blog Style File and my first baby Just that day, I'm going to do a round-up of 5 things that I obsessed over during 2011.

1) A pop of colour: I have always liked the idea of brightening an otherwise dull outfit with a shock of colour like a neon bag or hot pink nails. It looks great and bright colours tend to make you feel happier !
During the year, I added a pop of colour in lots of outfits.

Outfit #1 from The colour purple : with a hot pink belt
Outfit #2 from Deck the halls. with red lips and red pumps
Outfit #3 from Indianisation with a lime green kurti

 2) TBS Lip balm: I cannot express how much I absolutely adore The Body Shop Lip Balm. They've become an essential for me; so much so, that whether I'm going to college, to buy groceries or for lunch, I must apply just a dash of it. The fragrance is so yummy and it keeps your lips moisturized and glossy!

I'm more partial to the Passion berry flavor (the purple one ) while I occasionally use the Strawberry one when I want a little girly pink gleam. If you haven't tried these yet; do so, they will not fail you.

3) Bags and Purses: This wasn't a department that I was too fond of but during the last few months, I think I've widened my sights. When it comes to bags and purses,  I now have quite a few of them for possibly all occasions ( was even gifted one for my birthday! ) 

 Outfit #1 from The office with a black bow bag
Outfit # 2 from Yellow. with a polka dot purse
Outfit # 3 from Raw silk and sparklers. with yellow raw silk over-sized clutch

Since I've now have bags/purses in the essential neutral colours which go with everything, I've recently got a few more which are bright, whimsical and quirky. You haven't seen them yet but that is what 2012 is for.

4) Maybelline Colossal Kajal: Indian girls are known for their dark-rimmed eyes. I had tried kohl from companies like Rimmel London and Avon but the staying power was not good enough and by the end of the day, it was worn off, smudged and the result being, I looked like a raccoon. *True story*

The first one will end in a while so there is already a second one for safety sake :D
When a blogger wrote about wearing Maybelline's Colossal Kajal for Fashion Week for 10 hours straight without any smudging, that when my search for the perfect kajal ended. Since I don't apply any make-up on my face on a daily basis apart from a lipstick/gloss and kohl - I needed it be a good, long-stay one. And that is just what it is. It has earned a brilliant recommendation from me!

5) Black and white: This was one combination that, time and again I wore in different ways but every single time, I loved the outcome. That just proves it, you can't go wrong with black and white (and a little pop of colour here and there!)

 Outfit # 1 from Fairytales.
 Outfit # 2 from Zebra tote
 Outfit # 3 from Birthday love.

So I really hope you liked my round-up. The year is coming to a close and usually, I like to do a round-up of the good times that the year has given me. Apart from the good times with the family, the bestie and the friends; one of the memorable moments was when I just started this blog. I had no clue whether I was making the right decision in starting this blog or whether anyone would even read what I wrote! To every single reader of mine here, on Facebook and on Twitter - Thank you for being here, you make blogging worth it. I love you guys.

Here is to 2011, a year of amazing clothes, chocolate, no regrets, silly dances, high-heels, singing to myself, kisses and lots of love :*

Have an awesome NYE guys and and a lovely New Year Day !

See you in 2012,



June said…
Cute post!!
Purvi said…
I also love Body shop's lip balms :)
and I am surely trying this kajal :) :)

Have a happy new year :) :)
Megan said…
Great round-up! I especially like your last outfit in the "bags and purses" category. Happy New Year!
Chandana said…
Sweet post! I was just thinking of doing an 'year-end-round-up' post myself!
Happy New year! :)
Tanya said…
I love the Body Shop Balms too! They smell so nice

Happy New Years~!~

Dayle Pereira said…
@June - Thank you :)

@Purvi - Do try it out! Wish you the same Purvi :)

@Megan - Thanks Megan :) Have a great 2012!

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue - Give it a shot - You've still got the last day of the year left :) Happy New Year Chandana !

@Tanya VS - They smell delish ! Wish you the same :)

@SUGAR LANE - Happy 2012 Sugar :)
a nice roundup..its good to look back and then go forth in the new year.....

though i have not made my round up..on the blog atleast....!!

love love colossal kajal from is very very good!!!!!

happy new year!!
Anupriya DG said…
Looks like you had a stylish's wishing you a fabulous & fashionable 2012 ahead!! :)

P.S.: I love the Maybelline kajal too.....but the only down side is that it gets over too quickly! You can also try the Maybelline gel eyeliner...that's great too! :)
Isha said…
Happy new year!
Thanks for dropping by :)
Ayantika said…
love love love all ur outfit <3

Dayle Pereira said…
@devorelebeaumonstre. - Thanks :) Will definitely check it out!

@shooting star - Its nice to go back and look at all the wonderful stuff you've done during the year! The Colossal is my favorite too :D

@Polka Princess - Yeah, it does get over quickly and you have to keep stocking up! Thanks for the recommendation - I already use the Maybelline gel-liner as an eyeliner :D

@Isha - Happy New Year Isha !

@Ayantika - Thanks Ayantika ! So sweet of you :)
SJ said…
uve done a fine job with your blog.

Black and white is classic, love both the colours and their mix.
Dayle Pereira said…
@SJ - Black and white have almost become second nature to me :D
Thank you so much!

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