December 20, 2011

Raise your glass.

Hello loves,
What is up with you ? I'm great by the way. As Christmas is approaching closer, my smile gets wider and wider. How can it not ? After all it is the most wonderful time of the year ! So I don't mean to sound like Dexter but Tonight's the night - The biggest Christmas bash of the year in our society & honestly, no other event gets me pumped up as much as this one. But don't worry - I'll be posting all about it very, very soon.
 The other day, I had a late morning lecture and an early evening wedding mass followed by the reception. The reason I went for the lecture was because I thought it would easily finish in time for me to get dressed and everything. Little did I know that the teacher himself would come super late and stretch the lecture to the point where it was so late that I asked him If I could leave. *Thank god for sweet teachers*
I rushed back home , ( texting my mom on the way back to iron my outfit - Thanks mom :* ) showered and; because I had mentally decided what I would wear with what, I made it. Not only in time, but early enough to pose for pictures :)
Check it:

Champagne coloured chiffon dress - Gifted by my cousin (bought from Thailand), Gold strapped sandles - Part of a Bridesmaids outfit from my cousins wedding (bought from Regal), Floral pastel scarf - My Grandmothers.

I think I did pretty great for someone in a hurry.  Did you notice the nude lipstick and the golden eyeshadow ? I like simplicity when it comes to a look - not too crowded with prints and bling but not too bland and washed out. I think this outfit did justice to that.
Hope the season is treating you wonderfully ! A very merry Christmas to you & your family - Have a lovely time!
I'll be back soon since the camera is overflowing with outfits. After all, isn't this season all about abundance and joy :D

With the pastel trend hitting shores for Spring/Summer '12, this outfit fits the bill perfectly so I'm submitting it for the INFB Pastel remix If you are also OD-ing on pastels, feel free to join in!




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