December 25, 2011

Deck the halls.

Hi dolls,
I hope you've had a magical Christmas with your family, friends and some good ol' Christmas cake. How were the celebrations ? [or are they still going on ;) ] And I hope you've been on the 'nice' list this year so that you got all that you wanted :)
Christmas started on the 24th with midnight mass where I was in the choir.  It feels amazing and I'm delighted that I got a chance to sing for Christmas. After that I spent some family time while I stuffed my face with marzipan and hot chocolate. Later, a couple of families and friends met up for a post-midnight snack. Needless to say, by the time I was walking home, I was so dead-tired I could barely keep my eyes open!
And the brilliant thing is, I predicted being tired and sloppy so even before I left the house, I took pictures. Take a look:

The first time I'm trying a red pout - Yay or Nay ?

Don't mind the apprehensive expressions too much - I had a lot on my mind. Later after mass, I was  chilled out :)
No formal introductions or anything but this is my brother Ray

Me and our Christmas tree, which I decorated by the way :D

After mass with my cousin, Nini (thats her pet name btw) and Ray.
 Sheer polka dot top & Red pumps - Zara, Inner sleeveless tube - GAP, Satin skirt (one of my loves!) - River Island

Black is an eternal favorite and red has, and always will be the most vivacious festive colour. I couldn't resist putting them together.
I spent Christmas at home, on the phone with texts and calls and watching Home Alone. Home Alone is one of those things that symbolizes Christmas. *True story* Had an amazing family lunch which is a rare deal nowdays. And now, dinner is calling me. Mmmm. Chicken and cheese pie :)

God bless you guys and hope you had a lovely day !
See you dolls soon.
xo Dayle




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