December 14, 2011

The colour purple.

Hey hey guys :)
It feels great to be back here with you all. Hope life is going good for everyone. Finally, there is a chill in the Bombay air and its starting to seem like winter is actually going to arrive. And as winter arrives, we have to shed our summer clothes. Or in a country like ours, alter our summer clothes slightly so that they look a tad wintery :D
While we pranced around in neons and brights all through the sweet, hot summer; more demure shades like burgundy, mustard and rust are the next big thing this season. My personal favorite however, is the majestic jewel tone of purple. Right from the 6th grade, I've had a soft corner for the colour purple. Due to that, many notebooks and nail varnishes in hues of violet were my treasures. Later on, even after I changed teams and blue became my favorite, whenever I spot something in purple - I must give it a second look.

Purple tee - Thrift, Hot pink skinny belt - It's originally from a skirt, Black cropped skinnies - Topshop London, Ballet flats - Local boutique

Purple and Pink blend together beautifully. And I do admit, maybe I'm a little bright for winter but I can't help myself when such beautiful colours are sitting there in my closet. PS: Remember this post I promised you more clear, stunning pictures ? Well, these are proof of gorgeous photos (by an even more gorgeous photographer :* ) I really hope you like them. Because, even though the sun was stinging my eyes and I could barely see, It was a great day :)
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Will be back soon guys!




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