Monsooner than later.

The rains haven't set in as yet but a week back as I was scapering off somewhere, a few drops hit my head. Quite hard that too. I've never been a big fan of the monsoons. I looked up, a few more falling in my eyes; over cast skies and the smell of earth. The rains are approaching soon.
And what better way to joyfully welcome in a season than making a preparation list?
Right. There is no better way.
* Umbrellas: I still remember the school days when I used to cram my umbrella into my bag. I've always favored the tiny, fold-able umbrellas to the long, big ones you need to carry in your hands.
                          This citrusey umbrella is bound to give the gloomy weather a complex! 

Also, one of my favorite sites, Style Pile has given a lovely DIY Project to jazz up a rather dull umbrella. I'm so doing this.

*Raincoats & Wind-cheaters: The best to keep yourself completely dry to the bone - the raincoat. The wind-cheater has never been useful for me. It's too light and flimsy while a raincoat is heavier and holds itself down it those harsh gusts of wind. Be vibrant and choose patterns and colours in the raincoat department to avoid looking like a big garbage bag.

                                   Red and white spotty raincoat.

* Rain boots: They are perfect for keeping your feet spic and span. Designers are reinventing the mundane rain boot and have done a very good job with that! Wear over leggings when your going out for the day and if you planning on just going down and jumping in some puddles, try it with shorts.

Top left: Navy dotted rain boots from Target.                 
Top right: Christian Dior candy apple red rain boots
Bottom left: 'Oooh La Lace' rain boots                         
Bottom right: Havaianas summer themed rain boots

Rain flats: And for those who prefer the comfortable feel of flats on a rainy day, there are a variety of options to choose from.

The gorgeous little Rainy day ballet flats at Jcrew

 The comfy jelly flats at Crocs.

* Clothes: And finally, the most important part of the outfit are the clothes itself. 
~ The main point for monsoon clothes - Comfort. You can't pull up your low neck shirt while holding an umbrella. Be comfortable but not frumpy.
~ Put away your denims please. Opt for wearing nylon leggings or linen pants instead. 
Rachel Bilson & Lauren Conrad show you how to work those leggings and make them oh-so sexy.

~ Stick to the light fabrics like cotton and linen. They dry fast and can be very trendy.
~ When it comes to make-up. Keep it light and easy. If the rain happens to pour down your face, we do not want you looking like the joker.

At this exact moment, the sky is starting to grey up. Maybe, just maybe the monsoons are closer than we expect it.
Hope you liked the post lovelies :) xo


Streak Hue Fall said…
Love the title and the tips are helpful :)
Im buying rain boots this monsoon! :D
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you so much :)
Pranita - Buy some girly rain boots, you'll look adorable in them!

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