My choice: Comfort before style.

So far this month, I've covered a couple of the summer trends. So apart from that, I decided to give some advice straight from my heart. If there is one lesson I've leaned it has to be that there is one word that you must to keep in mind before you go shopping - Comfort. This is so important because if an item of clothing is not comfortable, you will regret buying it. You really will.
Just like a typical girl, I have a mad love for shoes. I always tell my dad "A girl can never, ever have enough shoes." (My excuse for buying more of them :P) For a family occasion last January, I set out to find the perfect pair of black heels for my oh-so-perfect dress. After some disappointment, I walked into a store.

Eye-candy alongside: Christian Louboutin pigalle anemone bow pumps
*heart skips a beat*

And there they were. The patent leather peep-toes gleamed under the store lights. The pencil heels gently rested on the shoe rack. And the tiny little bow in the front lured me towards it. At that moment I fell deeply in love, as it happened before with many, many other pairs. Saw it, wanted it, got it. When the d-day turned up, I was in so much of pain. The shoes were not a good fit & I was struggling to walk. I learned my lesson. Since then I still totter around in sky-high heels & low cut tops; I just make sure I'm comfortable before picking anything up.
Take care of yourself first, then go for the skin-tight jeans. Take a cue from me. Once your comfortable in what you wear, you automatically radiate confidence. And trust me, it will show.


Sujata said…
that's so true..ive had similiar experiences too! its all about comfort at the end of the day...have to think twice before buying sumthing that doesnt fit u well,especially shoes..cuz ur body can get thick and thin but ur feet ain't!
Dayle Pereira said…
Totally. If you aren't comfortable, even the most expensive shoes aren't worth it.
Streak Hue Fall said…
Completely agree with you on this!
Comfort should precede everything.
Dayle Pereira said…
@ Streak - I just checked out your blog! You're so gorgeous - Keep up the posts!
You've just got a fan on Facebook & Bloglovin :)
Chp_dzn said…
Absolutely true! Comfort equals to confidence! And confidence equals to looking sexy! :D

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