Summer Must-have's

And the summer seems to be getting hotter and hotter. Its the start of May & we've still got a while till the sweet relief of the rains.
So for survival in the scorching season, here are some essentials for the season:

Ahh! The refreshing elixir that is, coconut water

*Water & Coconut water: Please drink litres of it. Coconut water is filled to its brim with electrolytes and that's just what your body needs.

*Shades: Circles, squares, oval or even heart-shaped, you need sunnies! Wear good ones to protect your eyes and get that fabulous look.

*Sunscreen: Don't let your skin get dehydrated - Slather on some sunscreen with 30+ SPF.

*Tiny: Going all teeny-meeny with respect to clothes is great this time of the year! Wear minimal clothing - tiny skirts, cropped shirts and hot-shorts!

Cheryl Cole, stylish as always, teams this vibrant summer dress with tan shoes and bag.

*The summer dress: The summer dress, as the name suggests is made for this season and it would be a sin not to put it to good use. Try one in muted or floral hues. Now get out there and get some sunshine!

*Tan: Go for a bag (whether its a tote, a sling, a clutch or a good ol' hand bag) in shades like tan, beige or cream. Opt for a pair of tan gladiators, sandals or heels. Go for something open and comfortable to let those toes breathe. Wear shoes and bag together for best results.

*Bright: Go for a pop of colour with pinks, yellows and greens this summer! Co-ordinate your brights well or add a single brightly hued item ( like shoes or a necklace ) to your outfit and just like that, it will make the entire outfit vibrant!

* Minimalism: Tone down the make-up. Put away the blacks and blues. Bring out some bronzer and delicate shades of lilac and emerald in the eyeshadow department.
Right now, Less is definitely more.

So girls, the summer is meant for fun. Get out there and have a blast. And don't forget the sunscreen!

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Streak Hue Fall said…
Just came across your blog and I absolutely love the crisp and intelligent content! Following you on bloglovin right away.

For me its cute dresses and bumblebee sunglasses this summer :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you so much Streak Hue Fall :) Check out my facebook page -

And I'm checking your blog out right now!

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