Oh honey.

The whole week has been a rainy one.
Just a day back I was telling my mom, "I cannot wait for this rain to stop so that the sun comes out and I get to wear my new sunglasses" Well, its the truth. Talking about the truth, I've got my groove back on and that's what inspired me to post a new outfit.
I've said this a million times plus one, I love skirts, especially when the monsoon strikes. So while going to church,  I wanted to lift up the gloomy weather and the best way to do that was with something so bright, you would need sunglasses. I'm Kidding. Maybe.
Take a look.
Shyly looking away.

Striped tee & High waist belt - Thrifted
High waist skirt - Gifted

The past week due to college fests and Indian festivals, I went to college for 3 days. How I Love India :) It's been a relaxing week where I've regrouped and decided to get back in the game. Inspiration is flowing through me and I've got outfit ideas by the dozen all piling up in my head.
Ahh, life is back to normal. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow - Its the start of a brand new week and I do not want my enthusiasm (literally) dampened by the weather.
So thats basically my roundup of everything you've missed out on.
I hope you liked it - Tell me all about it on my Facebook page Sunkissed
Shall be back sooner than soon!


Sovina said…
Hey..nice punch of yellow :)

Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you so much Sovina :)
You have a lovely blog!
nice outfit.. love the yellow skirt..

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