Maxi-mum Exposure.

Hi guys,
Hope the week is going on well. We had a college party last night and honestly, I don't think I have danced in heels for that many hours. By the end of it, I was wondering how I was still standing. Till right now, my ankles and legs are aching but it was completely worth it :)
More deets on that later.
Basically what I want to talk about is, The Maxi.
I had always thought maxis to be this very frumpy item of clothing which was meant for tall girls. And since I'm a tiny little one, I've always steered clear of maxi's. Of late, I've noticed a surge in this the maxi trend. The one thing that has attracted my attention - Versatility. I've seen bloggers and fashionista's alike donning the maxi for a casual day shopping or a birthday dinner. They've dressed up, dressed down and accessorized the quiet little maxi transforming it into quite a superstar !
Take a look at these celebs wearing the item with a chilled vibe -

Now this is where the dress is glammed up for a more formal look -

Tips to pull off a maxi -
* Wear one with a proper fitted structure, not something loose that will make you look like a tent.
* If you think you need a height boost, try teaming it with wedges, espadrilles or stilettos.
* Printed maxis decrease your height while those in solid darker shades make increase your height.
* To give you more shape, go for one with a fitted waist or a try on a high waist belt.

I hope you like the tips and found it useful :)
I've got to get back to a few assignments - We'll talk soon!


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