After my hug.

Its a monday morning, I didn't have the strength to make it out of bed and basically, I'm just going to be chilling today - Maybe play a little Sims 3 Generations, try out an outfit or two and for some reason, I'm jonesing for a new episode of Family Guy. I'm a devout T.V show fan FYI.

Tip # 1 - I believe that when its dark and gloomy outside, you should try dressing brightly - It makes you feel happy :)
Tip # 2  - Avoid wearing denims. They are extremely uncomfortable and heavy if you end up getting wet.
That being said, on Saturday, it was raining buckets so I decided to wear a skirt. Pretty and convenient !
Check it.

The beautiful crotchet cropped top was gifted to me a little while back - It's gorgeous. However, the entire spotlight of this outfit is on the skirt. I've always loved the school - girlish look that pleats convey. This neon pink high-waist skirt has been in the closet for a while for and now seemed like the perfect time to wear it.

I'm going to leave you with this Glee song that made me feel good today. Listen to it - Its really great!

Have a great week!


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