What they won't tell.

Of the blogs I follow, most of them are dedicated to style, make-up and life in general. And yes, while everyone may be recommending this lipstick and that eye primer, there are a tonne of other things responsible for the beautifully photographed figure you see on the blog post.
* Yes, make-up is important but don't let it become an essential. For daily wear, stick to your eyeliner, moisturizer and lipstick.
* No one looks their stunning best every single day of the week. Its a fact. We all have our off days. When your faced with one, there is absolutely no harm in donning a sweatshirt and jeans. Because we're human.
* For great skin; turn to water and shun the concealer. Keep your compacts and  liquid foundations for an occasion which calls for it.
* During sale season, just because everyone is buying dreamy stuff at unbelievable prices, doesn't mean you have to run into the shop and buy the first thing that you set eyes on. Think about it, see if it suits you, check if it will suit what you already have in your closet and then, go ahead.
*  You don't need new clothes to have a new outfit. Look deep into your closet and remix items that you have never really worn together. and Voila! New outfit!
* When it comes to a trend, it may not be ideal for you. So what? You don't need to follow anyone! Ever heard of starting your own trend.
* Whatever you're wearing, whatever you're carrying, whatever you're posting; make sure it makes you happy :)

Not my most photogenic moments but I was happy.

Basically, there are a lot of things that need to be accounted for beyond just make-up and new dresses. Those little things are the stuff that glues everything, including an outfit post together.
 And honestly, those little things are whats most important.


Couldn't agree more D! :)
In my "make up" kit, I have my range of lipsticks and eye liners and thats that !
(I do keep the other 'essentials' but only for shoots done in college). Not even in my outfit posts! :) And if I have dreadful dark circles (due to lack of sleep) I let it be! Its so beautiful to be natural. Love this post :)

Dayle Pereira said…
I'm just the same :)
My college day includes just kohl & lip-gloss. I think that being natural has its own unique beauty.
Thank you so much doll <3
chanced upon your blog today ... this was a lovely post.. very true.. will stalk your blog:P :)
Sovina said…
Nice advice on makeup..my makeup for 99% of occasions include the same - kajal, lip gloss or some light shade lipstick and a hint of blush..

Dayle Pereira said…
@simplegirl - Thank you & Go ahead :D
@Sovina - Simple is the best :)
Lovely post, I like the advices you gave ! I'd love to have you among my followers, of course I'd love to follow back ! Kisses
Fashion and Cookies
FashionPhD said…
Ur bangs are so cute :)
Dayle Pereira said…
@Vale - Thank you so much :D
You have an amazing blog - following you on Bloglovin !
@FashionPhD - Thank you so much :)

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