In the name of pretty.

If this was the Glee Club, Mr. Shu would be telling me I'm in a funk and we'd have an episode singing songs about being out of my game.
Well, it is the truth. I've been feeling rather dull lately. Maybe its the fact that, I've got a month for my exams or the fact that, I'm not feeling very inspired of late. Whatever this is, it needs a cure.
A few days back, we were given a website designing project for mid next month. I was a little dazed from the shock of what I'm going to do to the fact that, my website designing skills are lackluster.
That's the point when I decided to scourge the interweb for the necessary inspiration (if not fashion blogging, then at least fashion web designing right?!?)
Thats when I hit up on a few of these pictures.


I feel so much better now. Ahh, pretty things are the bestest.
And while I'm in the cool tech-y mood, I've decided I'm going to buff the blog up a bit - from background to the header. Tips anyone?
I will be back to outfit posts sooner than soon.
Cross my heart.
xo, dayle


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