Snapshots: The festive edition

Somewhere towards mid-December I had mentioned it on Twitter that, for the next couple of weeks, my Instagram profile is going to be filled with outfits, food, parties, family, all things Christmas and a lot more stuff in between..And I was so right because soon enough, that's just what happened. And while December has bid goodbye quite a while back and January is now on it's way out, I thought that this was the right time to post a few snapshots from the past two months.

My Christmas tree 

Opening big brother's present after midnight mass

Spreading the love.

At the Divo + Dermalogica meet

Packing some Red Velvet for the orders!

My gorgeous.

At the Chatty with Chubby meet + launch

Grandmom's marzipan !

Bloody Mary's for Christmas.

Do hope you like the pictures of the months gone by - it's left me with some nostalgia and a yearning for December to hurry up and get back here! January a.k.a sale season was lukewarm for me, although I picked up a few basic pieces I decided were 'absolutely necessary' as well as few earrings wherein I'm finding myself pulled into the wonderful world of accessories. Well, it's been a good month!
Even with college assignments and work slowly catching up on me, I'm looking forward to a peaceful and pleasant February to come.

Have a, dolls !



Unknown said…
lovely pics...specially the cupcake one
Unknown said…
Very nice Pics dear
You look absolutely stunning!! Such beautiful eyes. It looks like you had a wonderful festive seaon - the time always flies by much too fast!
Rumela said…
Great pictures.

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