January 23, 2013

Drama Queen

Subtle and sober is usually how I roll; but every once in a while, I like doing the whole over-the-top routine. I think that's one of the rites of passage to becoming a drama queen. I don't find anything wrong in overdressing. In fact, I think it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed.  What's wrong with being the centre of attention when you walk in a room, to be in the limelight every once in a while? Absolutely nothing. All you have to do is revel in it.

Sheer black polka top [previously seen here]  - Gifted via Zara, Red buttoned skirt - Vintage, Black bow bag [previously seen here] - Zara, Belt - Thrift via Colaba, Black suede Mary-janes - London, On my lips - Maybelline 'Luminous Beige', On my nails - MAC 'Shirelle', On my eyes - Markwins (London)

And after wearing the crown for so long, I know this pretty well by now - Reveling in it is the best part.





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