Divo + Dermalogica Blogger Meet

Recently, I was invited to the Divo + Dermalogica Blogger Meet which I absolutely delighted to attend mainly because for one, in the word of fashion and accessories, the basics of skin care and hair care which are often so neglected is finally being targeted and secondly, I would finally be meeting the gang of bombay bloggers whose work I admire so much.

It was held at the ITC Sheraton, Mumbai and once I arrived at the location, using the the word 'luxurious' to sum it up would be an understatement. Like any good blogger, I started at the photo booth  which were well-equipped with a range of boa's, wigs and hairbands to add to the poses and pouts.

These are the only pictures I have of my outfit where I went semi-formal with a dash of bling.

Once all the greetings were done, we got into the real deal. The brands had taken great care of every need of ours and had equipped each of us with everything from chocolates, to information folders to cold coffee.

The event started off by a briefing from Akshita Honawar, a Lo'real professional and Runah salon hairstylist, on the topic of hair care and hair styling and she also debunked some hair myths. 

She then helped us identify face shapes and what hair style suited which shape the best, as shown below on the gorgeous Shanaya who I was so glad to finally meet that day !

The next speaker was Avni Amlani, the Demalogica founder who briefed us about skin care, about the various types of skin and ways to care your skin while travelling.

She also demonstrated on a blogger the brand's 5 step treatment to maintain your skin in the long run.

After a short break with quiches, pastries and some chit-chat, the final segment of the program which held by Akshita contained of her colleague and her, demonstrating 5 hairdos *like the milkmaid braid and the retro bouffant*  which we could try ourselves.

The event ended on a lovely note with goody bags from both brands which were so generously packed to the brim with samples, brushes, hair ties, loofahs and chocolate. All in all, it was such an enriching and entertaining evening!

Happy Republic day darlings and have a lovely weekend!



Unknown said…
love the pics! The event looks like you had fun ^_^. Love what you are wearing as well. Enjoy the goodies :D.

It was lovely meeting yoU FINALLY !
You look adorable!

SS said…
You look so so adorable ! Love your dimple ! :D
Muuuaahhxx ! *Tight Hug*
Ps : Love the Shirt that you where wearing :D
xoxo <3

Unknown said…
love ur wedges :)
And yes, we finally met!
It was one fun event :)
Great post.

Much love
Chp_dzn said…
You look gorgeous in that semi formal avatar! The 1st picture is our absolute favourite! :D

Dayle Pereira said…
What a great time! Thanks Priya :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you lovely, you're such a star <3 *hugs back*
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you darling, it was so lovely to finally meet you :)
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