July 20, 2011

Black is black.

So I've made up my mind - I've finally decided to put up outfit posts. I usually put up my outfit pictures on Style Pile but I was like, what the hell! why not give it a shot!

Whenever I move out of the house, I stress a lot on comfort.
That's mainly because, I go to college and tonnes of other places on a daily basis, I travel by public transport and I really don't like wearing clothes which come in the way. The outfits I wear daily are easy to pull together, extremely wearable and will still not be frumpy.
However, when I am dressing up for an occasion (or for the thrill of putting together a new outfit), I usually lean towards a look which is more extravagant.
Whatever the case, whether its college or a dinner, whether I'm in my skinnies or sky-high heels, I need comfort. 

So outfit post # 1, here goes.

Rhinestone embellished t-shirt - Pink, London.
Black cropped trousers - UCB
Wayfarers - Rayban

 I went all black that day. And since it was one of those rare sunny days in the midst of the monsoons, I got to wear my favorite sunnies :)
 I'm half nervous and half excited about my outfit post - Hope you liked it !
Till really soon,




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