Shop @ Sunkissed!

Everyone likes a good sale.
When it comes to me, I like things done my way.

That's the reason I've launched ShopSunkissed where you can purchase a bag, custom made to just the way you want it to be! Thank you so much for giving it a good response :)
The next initiative I wanted to start is the purchase of clothes, accessories and shoes too, something every girl loves! I will be launching this soon - Small deets still need to be figured out.
So for now, the bag purchase method stays the same -
If you like any pattern, a fabric and design (either the ones posted by me on my blog or you own designs)
Tell me about it on Facebook or in my email inbox (
We'll finalize everything.
You'll buy your very own custom made bag from me
We both live happily ever after!

So what are you waiting for?
Buy a bag now, because every girl needs the perfect bag, doesn't she?


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