February 28, 2012

Jaipur diaries #2 - The red carpet

So dolls,
Did you catch the Oscars last night ? After the way things went in 2011 ( dull hosting + boring throughout ! ) I was a teeny bit apprehensive about it. But then, it is the 'Oscars'. THE Oscars. I had to watch. *Best. Decision. Ever.*
So at 8pm that night, there it was; the sparkly gowns, the hilarious host, the amazing movies, the entire thing - It was lovely. After last night, I want to watch 'The Artist' just to see if it lives up to the hype. In terms of clothes, my favorites were Meryl Streep's fluid-like gold gown and Cameron Diaz' pastel number with that adorable bob.
So while we're on the topic of red carpets, my last day in Jaipur was spent at the finale i.e. the red carpet ceremony of the Jaipur International Film Festival. We were dressing since afternoon decked up till the eyeballs and when we finally arrived there, it was pretty slow. So a bunch of us sneaked away and did a spot of shopping.
Moral of the story: When in doubt, go shopping.

I did take pictures for you before we left the hotel. Take a look :

Pin-striped white blazer - London, Black lace camisole - Gap London, Skirt - George London, Stockings - Marks & Spencer, Ballet flats - Local boutique in Bandra.

I think this is the first blazer that you've seen from me. Well, I know winter is gone and all but at least it is a start. And this is also the first black and white look you've seen from me in 2012. PS: Did you catch the first outfit from my Jaipur series ? Looks like this post is all about firsts. 
Hope this has been a great week for you guys. I'm dreading my exams which will be making an appearance soon. But lets hope they dissappear just as fast as they've come.
Bring it !




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