Inspiration: Decoding Serena Van Der Woodsen of 'Gossip Girl'

I'm quite the Gossip Girl fanatic. I caught on with the trend last summer & ever since, they've got a fan in me :)
The most noteworthy impression that Gossip Girl has on it's viewers is, of course, its fashion.
Whether they are in Dior, Chanel or Marchesa; Blake & Leighton pull it off. This post, I'm going to talk about Blake's character, Serena Van Der Woodsen.
Now Serena is the one with the boho-chic style which is said to be inspired by Kate Moss. Her clothes are always experimental with a mix of vintage combined a touch of that the upper-east side charm.

Her essential styles:

Accessories: Along with the boho-chic vibe she gives out, there is a little bit of rocker chick that I spot. So stick to studded shoes, bags and clothing. Add on a  necklace, a few bangles and a tote to your outfit.

Well-tailored jackets - Cropped, blazers or trenches, Serena's jackets are a trademark which gives the outfit an edge.

Jeans with a slim-fit: Since jeans are quite a staple for her, she pairs them with almost anything.

Dresses: Serena's character is a mix of eclectic casual & the stunning formal. When it comes to scheming and plotting, the light and breezy dresses are available but for the high-end socials, Serena sticks to her gowns.


And that is the styling of the gorgeous Serena :) I'll be doing a post on Blair soon!
Till then,
Take care lovelies
(You know you love me) Xoxo - Dayle :D


I loveee her ! But I love blair more!
Can't wait for the Blair post ! :D
Dayle Pereira said…
Same here :D I started wearing the alice band after seeing it on blair !
Post coming soon :)
Streak Hue Fall said…
Haha this post is so much fun :)

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